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  • I bought sterling new membership one year back and I wanted one more for my brother, this time I didn’t went for the new one, instead used resellholidays.com to buy a second hand membership at very low cost, you won’t believe I bought it half the price of mine, with just 3 weeks less.The back end team coordinated all the things with the seller and me. The service was good.

  • My father had bought this sterling holiday membership at lowest cost those days, but due to non maintenance we were not using the same. After Thomas cook bought sterling now the resorts are renovated and I had decided to sell the membership at premium rate. Resellholidays.com was able to get me the buyer immediately I after paying the registration fees and best part was there was no bargaining since the company itself had fixed the price and the charges were transparent.

    Dr Viswanath
    Dr Viswanath
  • I had bought this club Mahindra holiday membership somehow and after few years I saw it was unused due to my business and found it was not matching my kind of holidaying, and I was wasting the weeks, since unused holidays were getting lapsed.  Now I had just paid Rs.2500 to register my membership in resellholidays.com, immediately found the buyer who was interested and got sold it.

  • I bought red studio membership at just 3lakh with 20 years balance ,because the seller who sold me had bought it for 3 lacs five years before. Whereas  the new 25 year membership is 5.4 lacs now. Initially I was skeptical and after going through the website thoroughly, I got understood and save 2 lakhs.  But again I need to go to the club Mahindra office and get the membership transferred along with the buyer.

    Prakash R
    Prakash R

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